Saturday, November 17, 2007

April 1807

Picture from KGL Info

11th April Our paper of Thursday last contained an account of a duel which took place at Loughrea, between Francis McNamara, Esq. Of the 66th regiment, and an Officer of the German Legion quartered there, when after two shots each, the former received a slight wound near the groin. We have been since informed that the meeting took place between Mr. McNamara and Lieut. Greenshields of the 11th Regiment, whose first shot took effect, and severely wounded Mr. McN-------,near the groin.1

22nd April Paymaster Mathias O’ Toole, 1st Hussars died in Gort of accident or illness.2

1 Freeman’s Journal 11th April 1807
2 Beamish, North Ludlow, History of the King’s German Legion Vol. 2 , Appendix 852

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