Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 1806

Liverpool – Dublin (1st Dragoons & 1st Hussars)
(Beamish, North Ludlow, History of the King’s German Legion Vol. 1 p90)

9th – set sail from Liverpool (7th Line Battalion)
13th – arrived in Dublin (7th Line Battalion)
(Hering, Johann Fredrich, Journal, Irish Historical Studies, xxv,no. 99 (may 1987))

– 1st Heavy Dragoons arrive Tullamore
– 1st Light Dragoons arrive Gort
(Beamish, North Ludlow, History of the King’s German Legion Vol. 1 p90)

18th Dublin 15 & 16 April
The King’s German Legion, which lately arrived here, marched out of town on Saturday last, for country quarters; and yesterday they were followed by a number of carts laden with baggage belonging to the regiment.
(Freeman's Journal 18th April 1806)

26th Wednesday a division of light dragoons belonging to the King's German Legion, arrived in town (Dublin from ) for Liverpool.
(Freeman's Journal 26th April 1806)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Thomas Hardy and the KGL

Thomas Hardy wrote a novel called "The Trumpet Major" about the KGL and a short story from his collection "Wessex Tales" called "The Meloncholy Hussar". Both stories can be downloaded as a text or audio file from The Project Gutenberg web site.


March 21st
Cork March 17th
On Friday last, 37 sail of transports with the Hanoverian troops on board, passed Crookhaven, and it is supposed put into Bantry Bay, until moderate weather shall enable them to make this port.
(General Advertiser and Limerick Chronicle 21st March 1806)

March 21st
His Majesty's ship Astrea, having under convoy about 40 sail of transports, with the King's German Legion on board arrived in Beerhaven harbout on the 14th inst.
(General Advertiser and Limerick Chronicle 21st March 1806)

March 22nd
Last week the 1st regiment of the King's German Haevy Dragoons marched into Reading, on their route to Liverpool, where it is expected they will embark for Ireland.
(The Waterford Mirror, March 22nd 1806)

March 28th
One battalion of the Hanoverian Legion arrived in Cork on Wednesday, from Monkstown, on their route to Fermoy. Two battalions marched out of that city for Bandon.
(General Advertiser and Limerick Chronicle 28th March 1806)