Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 1806

13th September Bandon, Lieutenant Charles Wiering, 6th Line battalion died of accident or illness. Beamish, North Ludlow, History of the King’s German Legion Vol. 2 , Appendix 1113

End of September Ballinamore the black clouds hanging heavily in the sky emptied themselves daily and made our stay in that place exceedingly boring. (7th Line Batallion) Hering, Johann Fredrich, Journal, Irish Historical Studies, xxv,no. 99 (may 1987)

KGL Songs

One of the songs sung by the KGL while they fought in the Peninsula was "Ein Schifflein sah ich fahren"

In the book Songs and music of the Redcoats, a history of the war music of the British Army 1642-1902 by L. Winstock, 1970. Chapter 34 talks about the song. The Germans believe that the song was composed by German troops en route for the American Colonies during the American War of Independence. The song has remained a favourite with German troops and remains in their song books to this day.

Lyrics and Melody

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kilcruttan Cemetary Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland

Grave of captain baron Oldershausen

Private Christophe Koch

Inscription "In memorial of Christophe Koch Rifleman in the 5th Company of the 5th Company of the 1st Light Infantry Battalion Kings German Legion. He was born in Goettingen in the Electorate of hanover, Germany and died the 26th July 1806 at Tullamore aged 23 years."

Detail from the gravestone. (from Irish Sword article by N.W. English)