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KGL display in the Phoenix Park 5th May 1806

Cork Mercantile Chronicle Wednesday May 7th 1806


Monday, his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, attended by the Commander of the Forces Gen. Floyd, viewed his Majesty's 1st regiment of German Light Dragoons in the Phoenix Park. His Grace expressed the utmost satisfaction ( ???) admirable appearance and movements of this (???) corps. Major General Baron de Linsingen, Colonel of the regiment, commanded it himself, and did the most ample justice to it. The General, it seems is one is one of the most expert soldiers of the day. - bred up in arms - and dwelling I the outposts of the army. The essential has been his main object, while the ornament was not neglected, but considered as secondary.

Baron de Linsingen is a contemporary of our present worthy and highly respected Commander of the Forces, Gen. Floyd, and served with him at the famous battle of Emsdorf, where Ellis's regiment (now the 15th dragoons) commenced its brilliant career.

After the parade movements were concluded, Gen.Floyd proposed to the Baron to form an advanced guard, considering the Lord Lieutenant's person as the head of the column of the army: on the instant the disposition was made. The Duke proceeded across this beautifully varied park, every byeroad, every hollow way was explored, with a degree of intelligence, as if the features of the ground had been previously examined, although no man of the regiment had been there before. At the extremity of the Park, where the movement intended to end, the regiment assembled in column, all the detachments coming in from every quarter, and in the instant the line was formed in the most picturesque and advantageous situation imaginable. Gen. Linsingen has been well seconded by the abilities of all his Officers.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland served with this General, and his regiment in Germany, and was constantly with them on the foreposts, in which his ardour often led him to act the hardy part of a private buffor, and once particularly, he was surrounded by the enemy, and extricated himself unhurt by superior prowess, when every other man and horse was killed or wounded.

The Officers of this Corps were entertained by Gen Floyd, and (???) with a most hearty welcome, a choice dinner and the best wines. The King, Queen and loyal toasts went cordially round : Duke of Cambridge, Chief of the German Legion, and their fellow soldier the Duke of Cumberland, were honourably remembered.

The 1st Heavy regiment of German Cavalry was also viewed by his Grace the Lord Lieutenant on their way to the centre district - a prodigious fine corps and in excellent order. The Officers of this corps were in a like manner entertained by General Floyd, who seems to understand perfectly well the reason for good discipline and conviviality, and that good soldiers are masters in both.

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